Huntingwood Data Centre

The $400 million Huntingwood Data Centre is located on Huntingwood Drive, in Huntingwood. The project involved the construction of a two-storey, concrete panel data centre building, plus, on-grade carparking, with three-storey office buildings at each end of the data centre facility. The structure has maximum building loads of 4.5MN, which required the footings to be founded in strong shale bedrock.

ACT Geotechnical Engineers conducted a preliminary geotechnical investigation to establish the subsurface conditions including the presence of fill and depth to bedrock. After establishing the presence of shallow bedrock, a more detailed cored borehole investigation was conducted to determine the strength and weathering of the bedrock.

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“ACT Geotech have always provided exceptional geotechnical engineering advice at a competitive price. They are responsive to our needs and have always been able to conduct their investigations and provide reports in a timely manner.”

Paul Farrell

Farrell Management

ACT Geotechnical Engineers have proven to be a very reliable geotechnical consultancy in the region, offering sound advice in an enthusiastic and very responsive manner, which is appreciated and favoured by clients.

Don McInnes

Sellick Consultants

“ACT Geotech were able to use their technical expertise to enable the footing system to be optimised, significantly saving the client both time and money on the project.”

Alan Schmeier


“We have worked with Jeremy and his geotechnical engineers on many projects over the last 10 years and are always pleased with their responsiveness, thoroughness, and ability to find flexible and efficient solutions for our engineering needs.”

David Jackson